Whether you want to host an outdoor dinner party, plant the vegetable garden of your dreams, or (finally) paint the exterior of your house, you’re going to need to know the weather! The right conditions will make sure that your party or project goes off without a hitch.

Garden & Plant Care

Gardening is a favorite past time and source of pride for many. While it can seem daunting to plant and maintain a garden, it can also become quit an enjoyable and rewarding hobby.

To get started, you should check your local weather seasons and patterns so that you can determine when the best time to start you garden is. Next, you need to determine what type of plants you will want to start with. Your options can include flowers, plants and fruits—it’s endless! Consult with your local nursery to find plants that are suitable for your area.

WeatherBlinkTM toolbar is a great resource for your gardening efforts. Track the weather, see forecasts for the coming days, and figure out the best plan for your home garden.

Home Improvement

The right weather conditions can also affect your home improvement projects. Plan the right time to make repairs to your home.

Painting outdoors, exterior maintenance, or repairing a leaky basement are all home improvement projects that must wait until winter has passed. Once the snow has melted and cleared is the right time for these types of repairs.

The summer months are also a good time to consider interior renovations, or upgrading windows to increase energy efficiency. In addition, you can use the spring and summer months to landscape your backyard or perhaps add a deck to enjoy the warm months ahead.